Map of Bocas Del Toro
Map of Bocas Del Toro

In July of 2015, We will moving to Isla Basitmentos pictured above.

Our new position of Operating Location Ministry Leader in Bocas (as we say for short), is the oversight and direction of all ministry activity of YWAM Ships in Panama at this time. Some of what we do can be seen in the video link below.

YWAM Ships Outpost Panama

In case you are wondering about what or who Youth With A Mission is, you can watch this video:

What is Youth With A Mission

I travel with Andrew, Rebekkah and Joseph on July 6th. Holly will return a little later with Joshua and we will begin to serve as a family by the end of July.

Stay tuned for coming updates and new happenings as we move “off the grid” to this remote place to serve indigenous and ex-pats alike.

November Notes

We are quickly approaching the end of the calendar year. This year has gone by so quickly. Some highlights for me have been: Running our first two Discipleship Training Schools at YWAM Panama City ( these schools have been great. A total of 19 students from 7 countries graduated. For outreach we had people in Peru and Panama. Being involved in ‘life change’ is the most exciting aspect of being in ministry. To see the light go on for the first time when someone realizes a new concept relating to themselves, God or others is just a lot of fun. Watching my kids all get a little older- they are growing and maturing in new ways every month. Such a joy to watch them struggle through and learn. Of course, my favorite part is when they realize I was right all along…hahahaha. I love my kids. ALL NINE! Life would not be anywhere near as much fun without them.  The “big boys” (Tommy and Simon) in Dallas continue to work and live  near their Grandmother.  Jonathan is completing this first season of service as a missionary in Uganda.  The Other six, Miriam ( who has blossomed into a beautiful young lady), Andrew (amazing young man- skater and musician), Esther (still cheering and dancing) Josh (helper and jack of all trades) and of course the little ones ( not so little anymore) at eight years old Besufekad and Wudasse. Celebrating 25 years with my wonderful wife. Holly and I have come a long ways. We have been able to persevere through all types of trials and challenges. Some made by poor decisions. (mostly mine) Others just circumstances of life- illness, loss, etc. She is amazing. I am so glad she is my best friend and wife. Meeting great friends and serving with YWAM in Panama City, Panama. Our leaders are great. Our team is great. The ministry is exciting and growing. We have set the groundwork to impact more people in more places for the upcoming year. I look forward to sharing with you these events in the future. This year has been filled with much healing and encouragement. I am excited about what this next year has to offer. How has your year been? What have you seen? experienced? How has God worked in your life? Have you learned anything new about yourself, God or others this year? Have you thanked Him for your blessings? What about the challenges? Thanks for reading my ramblings. Have a great week.

Happy Anniversary


I think about what God has done in and through my life and marriage over the past years and I never would have guessed I would be where I am today, doing what I am doing. If you are one of my old friends from high school, I bet you are thinking the same thing…So, if you have not come to a place where you believe in God, maybe you should reconsider it. I mean if He can change my life…just saying.

OK, I said I would not “preach” here, so I will stop.

Yesterday, August 26th was the 25th Anniversary of my wedding day to Holly Lynn. I will not do a complete recounting of all that has happened. But, I do have some things to share with you.

I realized while we were enjoying a weekend getaway (Thanks Miriam for watching your younger siblings by the way. YOU ROCK!) at a local hotel here in Panama City that marriage is both work and just downright enjoyable. It is like investing time into your favorite hobby or activity. You look back at when, where and how you started. Do you remember the first steps you took to invest in your hobby, project or activity? Gathering the materials and resources to make it turn out just right. The mistakes that get made along the way. The lessons learned from those mistakes- the pain of enduring hard times and the joys of celebrating little triumphs?

That is kind of like what marriage is. Investing time into to someone you love. trying to get things right, stumbling and fumbling along the way. Wanting it to be just right for both of you. Learning lessons from mistakes and celebrating the victories together with the woman I love. I would not repeat most of my mistakes again, but I am glad that our past has shaped us and formed us into the individuals and the couple we are today.

In marriage, as with your favorite activity, sometimes you encounter situations and problems that you are unfamiliar with. These days, a quick Google search and you have tons of ideas, suggestions and plans to do just about anything. You can find information on just about anything with a search engine and the web. In marriage, we have looked to others for counsel and pressed on with what we learn about ourselves and each other.  The Bible tells us that there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors. The fun part of this is when you can start sharing what you are learning with others around you. Younger couples- both in age or time together- that can now come for “advice” and we have the practical experience to share with them. We are not perfect, we still argue. BUT, we also make up!

There are lots of things I could tell you about how wonderful and amazing my wife is. I could tell you how she is both my best friend and biggest critic. Those two are not mutually exclusive you know- critique is not the same as criticize. I could give examples of how she exhorts me to be both a better father and husband, but I will not bore you with these- trust me she is the best.

She is an amazing mother. Her capacity to nurture and love the kids is awesome. She is so intuitive and involved in their lives. Cares for them, prays for them. Loves them, encourages them—ALL 9 of them!

I am blessed beyond words. Thanks Holly Lynn for 25 great years. I am looking forward to another 25 or more! I say in front of the whole world of internet readers- “I love you. Thanks for being you and thanks for loving me.”

Happy Anniversary


San Antonio

Last Saturday we went as a family to San Antonio—Not San Antonio TX, but San Antonio Panama.

This is the hometown of our new friend Kenia Cabezon. She is from the Wounaan tribe. One of the indigenous people groups of Panama.

We were invited out to have a fish dinner with her village of about 45 or so people. I did not take my camera…but I wish I would have.  I thought: “If my friend Tano or Gary or Bill invited me over for dinner I would not necessarily bring my camera. I do not want to go and be a tourist in their home…” I thought it might be rude or something. So I did not take it.

I missed an opportunity to get some great shots of life in the village. I have borrowed some pix from other people who did bring their camera. You can see them in the gallery section.

We left by van from the Campus and headed out towards Gamboa. Gamboa is a beautiful city. It rests on an island along the Panama Canal. There is not much to it, but what is out there- including Gamboa Union Church, where I am an Elder- make it a very quaint community.

We arrived at The Dock on the far side of the island…the jungle side from the Canal. We grabbed our stuff and hopped in the taxi that was waiting for us. As we all climbed into the taxi, the driver told each one of us where to sit. Front or back; left, right or middle to keep the weight balanced in the taxi.  We kept the gear up near the bow to keep it elevated out of any water that might seep into the taxi.

It was about a twenty minute ride through very thick vegetation to the island. You could see “trails” made by the boats- or maybe cut through by the people- that were clear of vegetation.

It was great to meet her family in their village and share some of what we do at YWAM with them through Dramas, testimonies and just hanging out with the family. I got to play a little soccer with the kid…we lost. So much for the German heritage helping with my soccer skills.

Here are some pictures from our time on Saturday:            

    our Taxi           This is our Taxi

San Antonio Bound       Here we are on the way out to the village

reinforcing a house

I helped lift up a house so Felipe could insert a new  support beam

 meeting the kids Playing a little Futbol

kids playingLocal kids playing in the rain

jungle walk      Hiking to the “neighbors house”

Going up into the house      Going up into Kenia’s home

relaxing upstairs     They invited us in to get out of the rain

on the way out          Coming back to the dock

It was a great day. We had some wonderful food cooked open the open fire and great fellowship with the family. Thanks for stopping by. God Bless.

This is a test for video links

Hey, I am just trying this as a way to share some videos with you. I will share more videos if this works.

This is my cat, Mr. Fluffers. I had to leave him in Texas when we moved to Central America. He is a cool cat.


Getting Started

Today I decided to start this record of our adventures with God and missions. We are a family in missions. That is, we are invested in and committed to fulfilling the Great Commission as recorded in Matthew 28: 18ff.

We currently serve with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Panama City, Panama. Holly, my wife, and I are the Training Directors on the Chilibre Campus.

This page will give our friends, families and other passers by the opportunity to have an inside look at what life as a family on the mission field is all about.- “the good, the bad and the ugly” as they say.

I will try to be up to date and keep you informed of what is happening in our family and the ministry here in Panama City.

Thanks for dropping by.

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